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At PMA Home Inspections we offer many different services to support your individual needs in our booming housing industry in Ottawa. We can assure you of a timely and  convenient inspection in order to assist you in this process. We guarantee that you will receive your written report on the same day of your inspection.


Home Buyers Inspections


Our service is to provide a certified home inspection for buyers as condition of purchase of your new home. We thoroughly inspect the: Exterior, Roofing, Structural/Foundation, Electrical, Heating/Cooling Systems, Plumbing, Insulation and complete Interior.

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Pre Listing/Pre Sale Home Inspections


We conduct pre listing, pre sale inspections in order for your to be aware and determine any issues with your house before it goes to market.  Making the necessary changes to have your home in a pristine and inspected state can encourage buyers to waive their inspection contingency.

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Specialized Thermal Imaging Inspection


Using a thermal imaging camera, a trained inspector can provide you with information and an inspection report for issues that may not be seen with the naked eye, but could have immense implications to your health , safety, home efficiency, energy bills, and future repair needs.

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Tarion Pre Delivery Inspection


Have you just bought a newly built home? With your purchase comes a warranty and you are entitled to a Tarion inspection. With our knowledge and expertise we can support you and/or represent you during your Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI), 30 day inspection, and 1 year Tarion warranty inspection.

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Multiple Unit Inspections


For investors looking for inspections for multiple units that may share some of the same entrances, utilities, access-ways or multiple units in the same building, we are trained to make sure you are getting all the information in regards to the investment property you are about to purchase. 

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Specialized Deck Inspection


Decks can be a great selling point for a home; cool spring days, hot summer nights, winter BBQs, but making sure it's been build safe and to standard make all the difference in the world. Have a PMA team member take the additional time to get under any potential issues. 

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Appliance Recall Check


By taking an inventory of all your appliances by using their serial numbers, we can gather additional information about recalls and lifespan.  



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